Green Affinity

Investment ecosystem

GREEN AFFINITY LIMITED was founded in 2015. Over time, we have received keen interest from private investors, which led to the decision to expand investment opportunities for everyone. We have perfected a transparent and cost-effective method of entry into your personal investment strategy, as well as service processes and quality assurance in precisely defined time frames, applying appropriate resources.

Trusted Company

We have been operating since 2015.

Employee experience

More than 10 years.

No crisis

There is no crisis in this area.


We develop every day.


What product?

Green Affinity is a company that specializes in investing in environmentally friendly products such as solar panels, wind generators and other power generation devices. We are engaged in the production, sale and rental of such equipment, as well as provide maintenance services. We carefully study the latest environmental technologies and monitor the opportunities they open up for humanity. That is why we were one of the first in the development of the environmental industry and drew attention to the potential of this technology.


Supporting an ecosystem that produces clean energy is key to the well-being of people and our planet. We pay special attention to the high quality of our products.


The development of ecological products is of paramount importance for the security of any state. Ecological products are in demand at all times and everywhere; neither crises nor economic failures affect their production. When markets crash and investors sell off their holdings, electricity prices rise along with green stock prices. This is why investing in the ecosphere always pays off, even when other markets crash.